Monday, June 21, 2010

Rant the third : Adrena--- HO!!

This made me sad. Really really sad. Is this it? Is this what the future of gaming is? Is this what younger gamers want nowadays?


All the American gaming industry is reduced to is nothing but a bunch of FPS cookie cutters? If you look at it, it's all the same. Your character takes a bigass gun and is out to kill everything in sight. Everything that moves. Halo, Mass Effect, Medal of Honor, Modern Warfare... FPS, giant gun, aliens/terrorists/your grandma's book club members.
Name me one really really successful American game franchise that didn't involve huge guns and mindless killing.

WoW doesn't count. It's not a console game. God of War doesn't count. You still kill everything in sight. And can I be honest? God of War... offended me. It's just one big testosterone bag on a stick.... pike... whatever. You go around killing things... and... bang chicks. Yeeeeeeah...

Like this...And... that cut scene with Aphrodite that Youtube refuses to keep due to nudity and lesbians.

And other people complain that girls don't get into gaming enough. Please. How dyou expect your girl to get into a game where you get to bang... other girls...
I mean, I like girls as much as the next... girl who likes girls... does but come ON. Enough's enough.
Maybe it's just me. Maybe it's just the hope that gamers don't turn into douchebag meatheads whose line of thinking doesn't always equal "Hulk see locked door. HULK SMASH!" in order to get themselves out of a jam.
I remember the old days when games were a test of skill and reflex. Mario, for one and Castlevania. And who can forget the Battletoads? Good luck trying to get through that without trying to tear out your hair.

This? Remember this? I spent hours with this game. Given, I was around... ten when I first played it so I kinda sucked at it but.. it was pure fun. Heck, ANY of these games are pure fun.

Look at em. No ZOMG BLOOD SPLATTER, no shock and gore... just pure fun. And some of these games were really tough, too! Now those were games. Show this to newer gamer nowadays and the only thing they'd prolly notice would be the graphics and they'd prolly call it lame after five seconds.
Maybe it's just a generation gap. Maybe it's just me being a girl (?) but... meathead games just don't do it for me. Give me a good RPG anyday... or Castlevania... or heck, Tank and I'd gladly play that over Gears of War.

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