Saturday, February 27, 2010

Rant the Second: Rumble Ramble

So... a new Dead or Alive game is coming out for the PSP soon. No, it's not a fighting game... no, it's not a volleyball game either. It's called Dead or Alive Paradise and it's... causing a bit of controversy. The main idea of DoA Paradise is you get to watch the DoA girls hopping around in bikinis and take pictures of them. There's also a casino-esque minigame along with it, too. Kinda like Pokemon Snap for... adults? Anyway, some people think "HOMG HOT BABES IN BIKINIS ROLLING AROUND! AWESOME!" while other people are going "HOMG PEOPLE PARADING WOMEN AS SEX OBJECTS! NOT AWESOME!". Personally... I dunno. You've heard my say on Fanservice games which usually get a thumbs down from me for not being innovative enough.
I facepalmed when I saw the game description.

Though you did have me at the hot blonde with the ribbon, Tecmo...

-coughs- Anyway! Ramble 2.

I've noticed a certain something with the releases on the PSP and on the DS. Back when I had full control over my DS, there would be a new release I could look forward to almost every two weeks or so. I mean, just this month alone, I've seen the new Ace Attorney game as well as Ragnarok DS. As for the PSP, not so.
There's a really long wait time between major releases.
This month, after Dante's Inferno, Lunar Silver Star Harmony and Blazblue come out, it'll be two months til the next game I'm looking forward to. Of course, there's a good thing to all this: I can focus on the games that just came out and getting all I can out of them before trying something new.
So... I think I'm actually enjoying my shift to the PSP... I can get more out of my games instead of not finishing a single one and ADHD-ing over to a new one the moment it becomes available...

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